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.:: MILF Hunter review ::.

MILF Hunter
milf hunter

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If you’re like me, you never really knew what MILF stood for, other than knowing you’d always be in for a hell of a ride. Well, I am here to tell you exactly what MILF means: Mother I’d Like to Fuck. Now, that brings back memories doesn’t it? You know what I’m talking about, that one friend whose mom was so hot you’d go over to there whenever you could?

And what about all those other moms we lust after everyday? That hot neighbor that’s always carting the kids off to school in the morning and mows her lawn in a pair of shorts so tiny they might as well be a thong… The sexy woman who delivers your mail and looks so darn luscious in that ugly blue uniform… That produce lady that can unwilt lettuce by just walking by… There are mothers all over the place, and MILF Hunter brings you some of the best.

One of the best parts of MILF Hunter is being able to watch them actually finding and convincing these bountiful beauties to hop out of their soccer mom SUV and onto a rock hard pole – too bad that pole isn’t your own. The site is updated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so there are always new pics and movies to drool over.

Only one word of caution: these are amateurs that they find in lots of different places, so you never quite know what you’re in for.

But, if you’ve ever lusted over any of your friend’s mammas or watched that gorgeous woman playing with her kids in the park, this is the place for you. Grab some tissues (better make it a big box), flex those wrists, and head on over to MILF Hunter. This is one trip you will never regret.

How MILF Hunter stacks up:

• Gorgeous pics that you can download in one file
• Smokin’ movies that you can download either in clips or one larger file
• Over 380 episodes with excelent quality pics and movies

There’s only one drawback to MILF Hunter that I can see: you’re liable to get carpal tunnel long before you get tired of this site.

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MILF Susie
MILF Reagen
MILF Katherina

.: Reviewed: 05 February 2006,   Updated on: 12 October 2009

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.: Added date: 2006-02-02 16:43:01 .: Score: 10

I love MILF sites, very hot moms on milf hunter members area. Like wine: older is better :)

Submitted by johny bravo

.: Added date: 2006-03-22 07:37:25 .: Score: 10

it look nice and good

Submitted by harley

.: Added date: 2006-06-23 15:35:37 .: Score: 5

get a life losers and a real girls friend that u can bang and stop watching other ppl bang theirs

Submitted by bang cock

.: Added date: 2006-07-26 03:47:59 .: Score: 10

God i wana fuck all dos milfs till dey cum

Submitted by Big Cock

.: Added date: 2006-11-16 12:25:08 .: Score: 10

the best site on the web

Submitted by Verga grande

.: Added date: 2007-02-05 07:53:38 .: Score: 10

those milfhunter website is pretty cool and have very enjoyable videos to watch

Submitted by vipvoy

.: Added date: 2007-03-10 08:08:16 .: Score: 10

Milf is freakin' hot.....want to fuck them all day long!

Submitted by ma

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