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First impression:
Just in case you’re not up on your porn shorthand, WAM stands for wet and messy, and believe me, they mean exactly that. Once you visit the All WAM site, you may find this is one messy bit of fun you’ll never want to leave. They’ve got the obligatory mud wrestling and oil pits, but some of the other stuff they cum up with to smear all over these smokin’ hot babes is downright amazing. I really never thought a big ole mess could be so damn sexy.

Tour promises:
- Wet look and Shampoo, Food play and Pie fights, and Color, mud, and oil
- The messiest messes with the messiest materials around
- Daily updates

There are currently 676 updates with 132075 clear crisp pictures and 8575 minutes of amazing video.

Our opinion:
I never had any idea just how sexy a fully clothed woman covered with shampoo could really be. (Of course, a fully Unclothed woman covered with shampoo is nothing to sneeze at, either.) Sure, sure, I’d indulged in trips to the local mud-wrestling pit on occasion (okay, lots of occasions, but still…), but I never once thought about slapping some paint on my bitch instead of my wall. Once I started going to the AllWAM site, though, that all changed.

I started looking at taking a shower in a whole new light. All WAM has shown me that if it’s sexy with clothes off, I’ll probably get just as hard when their clothes are still on. I mean, cum on, we’ve all had a little fun with the whipped cream and fudge sauce, but cake and pie, too? Only All WAM could cum up with new and better ways to serve food – and oil, and mud, and paint, and shampoo, and shaving cream, and…the list just goes on and on.

If you like drooling and stroking to pictures, AllWAM has plenty. Yes, they are screen captures, but they are very good quality ones. Each pic is a very nice sized 600 x 896 pixels, and it’s up to you whether you want to open or download each pic by itself or download all of them in one big, messy pile.

If movies are more your style, though, then All WAM cums through there, as well. You’ll get to watch fully clothed showers, baths, and swims, lots of cake, pie, butter, and eggs spread all over some of the hottest sluts you’ve seen, and some truly inspired painting. In fact, these movies are so great; you’ll feel up close and personal to the messiest, greasiest, sexiest wrestling you’ve ever seen. You’ll also get to choose whether you want to open the movies to watch right away, or download them to your harddrive for your own personal viewing pleasure. Not only that, but you also get to decide whether you want to watch the movie in one large, uninterrupted chunk or in several small clips. A quick note, though, it can take a while to download the movies – even if you are just watching them, and not saving them to your harddrive.

No matter whether you joined just All WAM, or through the larger, more fuck filled Eromaxx network, you’ll find plenty of sites to keep you happy. If you did join the network, then you’ve got 12 more sites filled with more fucking, sucking, and anal sex (and even some fetish sites that includes fully clothed sex and golden showers, too!) than you’ll know what to do with.

I’ll never think of the food in my kitchen quite the same ever again. I mean, I used to think of eggs as breakfast, not foreplay. That was before All WAM, though. I am now a full-fledged Wet and Messy fan. There’s just something so hot about a chick covered in shaving cream fighting with a girl covered in shampoo. It’s like a wet dream cum to life. Trust me; if you’re into all things messy, then All WAM is definitely the spot for you – and your cock.

.: Reviewed: 19 November 2006,   Updated on: 13 October 2009

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the dvds i want to purchse i cant find i seem to like the wam babes if i can receive pictures of all dvds i can make some selections

Submitted by anonymous

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